Monday, June 17, 2013

"Go Collegiate"...

Whether you are going back to night school to finish your masters or back to the boardroom, this ultra slim professional look is in.

 If you are in the classroom, office or boardroom, try these super slim orange pants paired with fitted white button-down shirt and hip stripped bow-tie...Layer with a super thin navy blue sweater and   casual super fitted denim jacket, all from "Zara", to complete your ultra modern professional style.  Don't forget to wear your retro-frames instead of contacts for a super chic collegiate look.

 Whether you are off to the courthouse or the clubhouse, again, super slim is the name of the game!
Here, super slim white button down shirt and long super slim tie and jacket create the perfect suit for representing clients or entertaining friends.  The choice is yours in this super slim, super cool suit!

How about casual Friday or a night out on the town catching up with old friends or meeting new ones in your classic "plain, white 'T'", once again going super slim on the charcoal grey denim jeans and go all out James Dean in high top black sneakers and super cool fitted black leather jacket! Happy sandra

Model/Actor Marco De Ornella and Photography by  David Geffin

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