Monday, July 1, 2013

Go all out Pink!

Go all out Pink!

All Pink... from Pink t-shirt, paired with White and Pink-Purple-Blue stripped legging to Pink elbow and shine guards, to Pink sunglasses, to Pink backpack, Pink helmet, Pink sneakers and a Pink and Purple bicycle! The question is, "What girl doesn't feel pretty in Pink" ?

Not to mention the confidence that comes with wearing Pink! You go girl!

For our next femine look, we have a very girly  "t-shirt" with chic purple flower and very modern shoulder shrug in Lime-Green. Paired with a denim mini-skirt and the perfect summer sandals for a day
of summer outings and playing in the park!

Next, our very sweet and just a little shy Daniela is modeling Yellow cut-off denim jean shorts, cool White with Black graphics t-shirt and the perfect summer sandals again.  We put a headband to add a hint of play fullness and Daniela is ready to Rock and Roll!

Finally,  Daniela is a hit on the playground in this salmon sweater, baby floral printed skirt and sparkly sneakers! Hold on tight girl, all the kids on the playground will be trying to tag you in this totally girls girl outfit! 

Happy Styling! love sandra

Model Daniela Pusmucane