Monday, March 5, 2012

Style advice for men

It's more important to look good everyday than look different everyday. Well-tailored clothing is not only flattering but also sets you apart from other guys who wear their clothes a size to big. Even if You not in Your best shape a fitted shirt looks better than the loose one. These days many of us tell time not by wristwatch but by our cell phones be a men wear a watch. Match the watch the look. Belt-if you wear one   sort of should match shoes. Never match blazers with dress pants. A blazer is always save when paired with dark jeans. A good wool scarf can even substitute for a jacket when temps are in the 50. Men look good in simple, formfitting T-shirt black, white or grey if you wearing a logo, you'd better own the company or some one should be paying you to wear it. /model-actor Pau Maso/ love sandra