Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Services

Wardrobe Evaluation

A three-hour closet consultation, beginning with, depicting old tired pieces to dispose of. Identifying most flattering and valuable pieces in your closet. Re-styling existing wardrobe into updated stylish ensembles. Taking inventory of recommended purchases that will enhance and pull your wardrobe together in a cohesive and coordinated manner. Resulting in complete stylized outfits that are personalized to your individual personality, body type and lifestyle. This process will allow you to make the most use of your clothes and never look into your closet feeling that you have nothing to wear, ever again!

Closet Makeover

A four-hour process which, rearranges your entire closet in an organized and strategic manner, providing you with an efficient space. All hangers are replaced and suggestions are made for additional racks, shelves, and other closet accessories to maximize your layout.Imagine looking into a closet that displays your clothes in a perfect manner, making it effortless and delightful to get dressed each day. Get rid of the clutter and see how it opens you up as well as your closet!

Personal Shopping

Seasonal and special occasion personal shopping includes, head to toe attire, including complete accessories, shoes and handbags. All shopping will be done with your current wardrobe in mind to better build your wardrobe and not clutter your closet any further. It is not about having to spend a lot of money on lots of clothes, but about making the right selections that best exemplify your authentic self and offer you your most efficient and elegant wardrobe yet.

Annual Styling Packages

Make the most of your investment and sign up for annual service. With just two payments a year you will receive 4 seasonal personal shopping services. Completing all your seasonal shopping requirements for fall, winter, spring and summer. Keeping your wardrobe updated and optimized for all your needs, year round.

Further details can be furnished upon request.

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