Monday, June 24, 2013

Casual strolling in the city or the shore

Navy Shorts"... Perfect for casual strolling around the city, or heading to the shore! 
Linen Navy Blue shorts as a staple in your wardrobe because they can be worn dressed up or dressed down...

First, shown casual and dressed down, linen Navy Blue shorts are paired with a Red and White stripped "T-shirt", for a real patriotic style.

Add White canvas sneakers with thin Blue and Red strips and you are ready for any 4th of July parade or beach BBQ that breaks out!

All by "Zara Men".

Of course, if you are heading out into the sun, don't forget your cool Gucci sunglasses and Fedora hat to create your own "cool shade" that is the ultimate in chic men's styling!

Strolling in the city...

For a quick style upgrade, without carrying a whole other outfit, keep the Navy Blue linen shorts and pair with a dressier White linen button-down shirt. 

Swap the canvas for Brown leather uppers to change the look from beach/BBQ to chic city wear in a

Add a men's denim portfolio, perfect for carrying important work "docs", or your iPad or laptop to create the perfect casual Friday look for strolling around the city! love sandra

Happy Styling!!

Model Francisco Vargas

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